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Darth Vader ROTJ Belt with Buckle

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wool & leather
Darth Vader ROTJ
Belt with Buckle 
This set includes:
- 1 leather belt
- 1 metal buckle
Suitable for Return of the Jedi (ROTJ) version.
The metal buckle is made out of three layers:
1. 1.5 mm disk with a 3 mm CNC-machined screw.
2. D-shaped part, water cut from 1.5 mm aluminum.
3. Back plate, cut also from 1,5 mm aluminum with 5 threaded holes for the disk attachment and 4 more to attach it to the belt.
All 3 layers are fixed together by the circular layer, which is one piece made out of the flat part and the screw.
The buckle comes with screws and washers to attach it to your belt, but you can also use velcro or glue.
Leather Belt sizes:
- S (from 85 cm to 95 cm)
- M (from 95 cm to 105 cm)
- L (from 105 cm to 115 cm)
- XL (from 115 cm to 125 cm)
When you measure yourself, please take into account the fabric that's going to be below the belt since it can modify the final measurement.
Note: We'll send the leather belt unmarked. We consider it's best if you puncture the hole once you can measure it with the suit and accesories on.
In stock, ready to be shipped.
 Other items shown in the photos are NOT included, only for display purposes.
By default, we send the newest model, in case of requiring the old one, please contact us before buying.

Easy to install.

Follows CRL Standards.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
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