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02-Dec-22 08:28

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Darth Vader ANH ESB Aluminum Belt Buckle

Units Sold: 1
Available since: 24-Sep-15 15:34
Availability: In Stock
Price: $55.99 $39.19 USD
Item category: Store/Star Wars/Darth Vader
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"Darth Vader ANH / ESB Aluminum Belt Buckle"


- Water cut and CNC-machined
- Every part made from aluminum


Each layer is 1.5 mm thick, as the original buckle.



 1- 1.5 mm Disk with a 3 mm CNC-machined screw.

 2- D-shaped part, water cut from 1.5mm aluminum. 

3- Back plate, cut also from 1.5 mm aluminum. It has 5 threaded holes, one for the disk attachment and 4 more to attach to the belt.

All 3 layers are fixed as one with the 3 mm screw!


It comes with screws and washers to connect it to your belt, but you can also use velcro or glue.

You can also find ESB, ROTJ and ROTS versions.


By default, we send the newest model, in case of requiring the old one, please contact us before buying.

* Pictures from the previous version, new pictures coming soon. 




If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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